If you wear glasses, you've probably taken them off, cleaned them and put them back on again. If you don't wear glasses you've probably rubbed your eyes. No, you didn't see wrong...one million free sandwiches. So what's the catch, right?

No catch. According to businessinsider.com:

Subway is closing half its restaurants early on July 12 to overhaul the menu and will give away 1 million free sandwiches the next day

One million free sub sandwiches on July 13 will be given away by Subway. That's a lot of sammies! The 6-inch Turkey Cali Fresh subs will be the chosen sandwich to be given out. Up to a million of them. What do you have to do to take advantage of this deal? First go into one of your local Subway stores to see if they are participating in this event. If they are you must be there between 10am and noon local time for the free sub. That's it ...no strings attached.

Subway is in the middle of a major revamp with their menu. About half of their locations (10,000) will be closed at 6 pm on the Monday, July 12.

The menu changes at the sandwich chain (Eat Fresh Refresh) is going off of their slogan. In a press release and from the story from businessinider.com:

More than 20 menu changes will come to all US restaurants with "improvements to almost every core menu item"

The pandemic was felt by many restaurants which included Subway as they closed many of their stores. In fact, an estimated 1,557 was the final total.

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