As many have you told me, if there is one thing you can find in Sedalia is places to eat.  If you have a craving for any particular kind of food, there is a place that can serve it.  Well last week, I was looking for a place for lunch.  I share something in common with fictional character Joey Tribbiani from "Friends"...I Love Sandwiches! So a few listeners and co-workers had suggested I try New York Deli.  Good choice.

This place is located in historic downtown Sedalia on Osage Ave.  I have always had a liking for food trucks.  Not sure why. Perhaps it is because I am often impressed on how such delicious food can come out of a small space.  This one was no different.

You can check out their website HERE, and allow me to tell you about my experience.

attachment-New York Deli 2

I was there for lunch, but I was unaware that they are also open for breakfast, which is also served all day.  I asked what items seem to be the most popular.  I was told the Biscuits and Gravy (the biscuits were huge, and all made from scratch so I will have to try them soon), The Empire State Burrito (eggs, cheese sauce, potatoes, sausage, bacon) and the Manhattan sandwich (ham, turkey, roast beef, bacon, cheese).  I went with the Pastrami sandwich.

attachment-New York Deli 3

I added swiss cheese, spicy mustard, lettuce and tomato and it is served on a Kaiser roll with other bread options available.  And here is how it came:

attachment-New York Deli 4
attachment-New York Deli 5

My goodness, it was hard to eat.  In a good way.  I got my money's worth for sure.  With a place like this, it is the little things that set it apart.  The pickle was a touch sweeter and crisp.  Plenty of meat.  Add a bag of chips, or a homemade side and you will have a full stomach for sure.  A tad pricey, but I found the quality of food and portions size to be worth it.  I will try a breakfast item next time.  Quick and friendly service, and rest assured I will return.  Keep up the good work guys.

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