Subway's bread is in the news again. Remember a few years ago when it was revealed their bread in a foot long didn't measure up to a foot? Well now, it doesn't pass muster in Ireland because it's too sweet.

I wouldn't classify Subway's bread as sweet. Delicious, yes. Sweet, not so much. But in my mind their bread makes an average sandwich all that much better.

However an Irish Court "ruled that the starch used in Subway sandwiches is too sugary to meet the definition of “bread” — a legal distinction that would have saved the firm some dough." This according to an article in the New York Post.

So why is an Irish Court ruling Subway's bread is to sugary to be bread? Tax breaks. Bread, if it meets the definition, is considered a staple in Ireland, which means it would be taxed 0 percent. Cracked goes on to say the courts labeled the bread a confectionery or fancy baked good.

I like Subway, but the thought of their bread being a fancy baked good is like thinking their sandwiches are some type of gourmet goodness. They're not. It's a filling tasty treat that that let's you either create a fairly healthy sandwich; Or one that let's you create a messy, yummy, sandwich that may be better for you than traditional fast food, but not by much.

So just how sugary is Subway's bread? According to the New York Post a six inch white bread roll has 5 grams of sugar. (Some other types of bread they offer may have more sugar.) The Post compared it to one Oreo Cookie. It's also got two grams less sugar than a fun size Snickers. And the same amount of sugar as half a Krispy Kreme glazed donut.

It's probably not the healthiest bread to eat.  However when you think of the portion control a six inch sub provides.  Especially if you're choosing one of the healthier sandwiches. And the fact you're skipping the fries in favor of a wimpy bag of chips. I think you're probably coming out ahead, at least a little bit. Now the chocolate chip cookies you throw onto your order... all bets are off when you do that.

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