Subway to Give Away 1 Million Free Sandwiches
If you wear glasses, you've probably taken them off, cleaned them and put them back on again. If you don't wear glasses you've probably rubbed your eyes. No, you didn't see million free sandwiches. So what's the catch, right?
Sporting KC Visit
Soccer fans of Sedalia got a unique experience of meeting Sporting KC player, Chance Myers, at the Sedalia Subway on South 65 on Friday afternoon (Sept. 19). Kids from the Paul Klover Soccer Association wore their uniforms and got autographs, hacky sacks, t-shirts and more from Myers and Sporting KC...
Sporting KC Player Coming To Sedalia
Sedalia soccer fans will get a chance to meet Sporting KC player, Chance Myers today (Sept. 19) at the Subway on South Limit, between 5 and 6:30 pm. Subway and Sporting KC formed a partnership with various Kansas City Subway stores and have brought players to the area...
Let’s Schedule a ‘No Pants’ Day in Sedalia
Yesterday (Jan. 11) was the annual No Pants Subway Ride Day, which has spread to dozens of countries around the world.  The event came together 13 years ago by a group named Improv Everywhere in New York City. The group put this day together to "celebrate peoples’ curiosity and to spread laughter." I think we should set a date and do something like this in Sedalia.
See Eerie Photos of New York City’s Abandoned Subway Stations
In case you missed it -- there's a storm a-brewin'! Hurricane Sandy is lurching her way up the coast, heading for us all. Yesterday, the MTA announced it was shutting down trains in NYC at 7 pm and buses at 9pm. Here are some pictures from their official Flickr page taunting us with how delightfully empty all the stations are right now.