Three Missouri medical marijuana questions will be on the November 6 ballot. How do you feel about it being legal in the Show-Me State?

Of course with every question on a state ballot, you have the pros and cons. Some touting the benefits of the drug treating certain conditions. Others say it's too early to say yes because all the side effects are yet unknown.

Proponents say there are legitimate medical uses for the plant while others rebuke the thought of it passing since treatments don't come in standardized products tested by the FDA, thus it sets a dangerous precedent for public health.

For many the opinion has shifted from a time when it was a definite no, to maybe and now these days, to a resounding yes as the answer. If it is approved, it will raise new questions about how to regulate it.

Time will tell. November 6 will be a day of celebration for many, and a day of dismay for others. The only we way we will find out what Misssouri really thinks is by casting your vote and waiting for them to be tallied.

Vladimir Cetinski

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