Leaves are everywhere! It's definitely fall in Sedalia, and like it or not, we should probably start raking those yards and bagging the leaves up. But what do you do with the leaves after they're bagged up? Not to worry, if you leave in the city of Sedalia, the Sanitation Department will come pick them up for you.

The City of Sedalia will be picking up bagged leaves the week of December 2-6.  Residents of the city wanting to participate in leaf clean-up must have their leaves bagged and on the curbside. City crews will be picking up bagged leaves at curb-side locations only. Bags of leaves left in alleys will not be collected.

There is no limit on how many bags of leaves will be picked up. However, limbs, brush and grass will not be accepted for pick-up.  Those can be dropped off at the City's Yard Waste Drop-Off Site at 28th Street and New York Ave. If you have any questions, you can call the Sanitation Department at  (660) 827-7820.

So don't forget, get those leaves out on the curb the week after Thanksgiving if you want them picked up, otherwise you can take them yourself to the drop-off site.

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