Every now and then here at the radio stations we have something called "Food Day".  Food Day is always amazing. Basically everyone brings in a little something like a cheese ball or some summer sausage, or cookies, you know, and we have a little communal snack day.  Well this year's party has brought a bit of a controversy in the Moreland Household.


See This?  I'm sure you've seen these crackers before. I'm sure you've enjoyed them from time to time.  Maybe with some cheese that comes from an aerosol can.


They're perfectly fine crackers.  Nothing particularly exciting about them, but they're alright.  I don't buy them in general, so that's why this is happening now.


Look at that picture.  That says Chicken In A Biskit.  It's not spelled correctly (I believe it's spelled with "Flair"), but clearly the intention is to say this is a chicken in a biscuit form.  Some places in Europe call a cookie or a cracker a biscuit, so it makes sense.

But Husbando, he makes no sense. None Whatsoever.  He insists this snack product is pronounced "Chicken In A BASKET".

What is this nonsense?  Who did I marry?  I know he has selective sight ("I already looked there, babe, we're out...") but selective READING too? Who hurt him? Why is he like this?  I just... don't understand. I have pointed out to him the presence of the letter I in the word "biskit", and it does nothing.  He insists to pronounce it "basket".

Surely he is completely and totally wrong.  I mean, you agree with me, right? It's biskit, not basket! Settle this debate for me, please!

Basketly yours,

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