So coming up tonight is the annual Child Safe dessert auction and dinner.

Almost every year they ask me to donate something, and I try to whip up a little something or maybe a little extra every year.  This year, I made an Eggnog Cheesecake.


I probably should have made it prettier. But I was worried I would, you know, somehow ruin it if I tried to do some kind of decoration. I've seen some of the stuff people have donated and they're pretty ambitious.  But.. at least you KNOW mine was really home made by me, because it looks like it, right? 


And I really did do the whole thing myself. No help from Husbando.  I used the food processor we got as a wedding present and crumbled up some graham crackers. I softened the heck out of some cream cheese, and YOU KNOW WHAT.  I even whipped my own cream.  Yep.  I whipped heavy cream, I didn't just go buy whipped cream. Nope.  I totally whipped that up myself. And, and you guys - I totally put to use the knowledge I have learned from numerous episodes of Trisha's Southern Kitchen. I FOLDED.  I didn't just mix, I folded.  


I even got to use my offset spatula for something you're kind of supposed to use it for, instead of turning tator tots.  So, please go to the dinner and auction tonight at the Celebration Center, 1702 West 32nd street at 5:30 p.m. tonight.  Please take pity on my not so pretty looking dessert and buy it.  Buy it and know it was made by my admittedly non experienced but clean hands.  I know there will be tons of great desserts there, and I'm sure a lot of them will look better than mine, but please buy it.  Heck, buy like, four or five things.  It's all going to a good cause anyway.  And who doesn't need a little extra sweetness for the holidays?

Foldingly yours,

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