Admittedly, I don't get phone calls a lot. Most people who want to talk to me text.But I got a call the other day, and it startled me.  OH SHERT THIS THING MAKES CALLS? Wow.  Anyway, it was one of those robotic voices telling me that my Social Security number had been suspended.

Now, to me, this seems like an obvious scam.  But to some, it might not.  So I hung up on the call and decided to really find out what the deal is. I did some of my GoogleFu and found out what the endgame is on these things.  Basically, they tell you in the Robot Voice that they're going to suspend your number because of some kind of suspicious or criminal activity.

What kind of suspicious activity are they even on about? What, that I sit on my couch and watch YouTube videos all afternoon? Is that really that suspicious? Or maybe it's me talking to my cat? That could look a little crazy.   Or is it maybe be standing in front of the fridge eating cottage cheese out of the container? Nobody was supposed to see that. I'll give you that one.

Then they want you to push 1 to "talk to a representative", and that person basically just wants your personal information.

They're trying to get as much of your information as they can, and they want to "take a payment" to "unlock" your number again.

Don't. Do. It.

They just want your money, you know how this goes.  But just in case there might be some of you out there who don't know about it, or there might be some people you know that need to know about it. That kind of stuff can be pretty scary for people not used to having a cell phone around them 24/7. I know my Grandmother got into a low key panic every time the Social Security office was even MENTIONED, if she'd been around to take this call today... she'd freak.

Don't worry about the number coming up as the real Social Security office, because you know the scammers fake the number they're calling from.   Just hang up or don't take the call.

Scammingly yours,



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