I have never shot a bow and arrow.  Not opposed to it, just never had the opportunity.  But seeing Robin Hood, and John Rambo shoot them is kind of cool.

Archery is one of the oldest arts still practiced today.

The history of the bow and arrow is entwined in the history of humanity. Archery initially emerged as a technique for hunting and then later for warfare. The earliest evidence of archery – arrowheads made of flint – dates back to around 20,000 BC. It’s possible that early humans were using bows and arrows even earlier.  In 1900, archery became an Olympic event. It is still an Olympic event today.

Leroy and Judy started their business, now called Neet Archery, in their garage in the 1950's, in part because of Leroy's love for archery.  In 1965, they went full time with their business and it has been going ever since.  There is a retail store, and if you ever wanted to learn how to shoot, they have a range for lessons.

The business has continued to expand including working with an impressive list of companies such as Hoyt, Wing, and Harley Davidson.  And their Made In America products have a trial period that allows you to check out how they are and return them if you are not satisfied.  I like the lifetime guarantee too.

Any family business that has been in business for 65 years deserved to be celebrated.  And they are local.  You can also shop them online by clicking HERE, or find them on Facebook HERE. And they are proud supporters of the NASP (National Archery in the Schools Programs) and you can click HERE for more details on them.

5875 East Highway 50 Sedalia, MO 65301   I think I may have to stop by and check this place out. And congrats on 65 years of success.

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