Well National Margarita Day happened to fall on Taco Tuesday.  Talk about the planets aligning.  So I was joined by our account executive "Money" Mike Pettis, Rob Creighton, our head guy Craig Hahn, and we decided to take advantage of this day and went for tacos and margaritas at El Tapatio in Sedalia.  This was the second time I had dined at the restaurant.  When I took the job, the staff took me there for a welcome lunch.  Was the food as good as last time?

attachment-El Tapatio 1

What you are seeing in the above photo is how the margarita flight are served to you.  Yes, that is an open flame that goes out quickly.  All of the flights are served on the rocks.  Each one had a sweet chili/lime chipotle flavor on each one.  Very tasty.  The five flavors are Lime, Prickly Pear, Mango, Cancun, and Hibiscus.  Each one was delicious. They were not too sweet, not over-powering and as for the alcoholic content, we figured it was about a margarita and a half.  Rob, Mike and I all ordered one.

attachment-El Tapatio Tacos

I ordered the Street Tacos.  4 in an order.  You have the choice of steak, chicken, chorizo and barbacoa.  I wanted 1 of each, but was told, that was not an option.  2 choices only, meaning I could have 2 tacos of one flavor, two of another.  Upon the recommendation of Caitlin, our server, I went with steak and chicken.  I would like to have tried the chorizo.  These were delicious, and I did use the lime and the green salsa included.  If I wanted to be picky, a little less cilantro.

attachment-El Tapatio Burrito Pork

Mike went with a simple burrito filled with pork.  Randy, who arrived later, ordered the same thing, but with beef inside.  As you can see, beans, rice, and cheese on it.  Thumbs up from both Mike and Randy.

attachment-El Tapatio Soft Tacos

Rob ordered the simple soft tacos, with just beef and cheese.  There were other toppings that I think would be included if desired.  I did see him add some of mild salsa that is provided to us upon arrival with chips.  I also asked for some queso later on.  Very tasty.

We had a delightful time and I saw some other dishes that were at other tables.  All looked delicious.  The menu is extensive, and you can click HERE for it.  But what we ordered was prepared nicely, it was flavorful, and I would return. Certainly I would return for the cocktails.  Share with friends.  Nice place.

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