I still think a Christmas without gifts would be better. But, no, that's not what's happening this year.  My sister has dropped off her presents, Husbando has gotten some wrapped up, and I have mine in there, too. And there are at least two more coming that I know of.

Every year I want to tell them that we should just skip presents this year, or to limit us to one for each person.  But that never happens. If I say, "no gifts", I'll stick to it and someone will bring a gift and I'll feel like a jerk.  If I say, "one gift" someone will give me something amazing and I'll end up getting them something silly like a butter flavored lollypop*.

That's why I'm glad in a way that at work, when we do our party, we do a white elephant game and the price limit is ten dollars.  That way I'm not bound to disappoint someone. When your expectations are low to start with, they can pretty much only be exceeded, right?

I just hope I don't let everybody down in a major way this year.  I feel like I've dropped the ball when it comes to gifts this year.  I started shopping late, and some of the stuff I know they would have liked won't get here on time (we're doing ours on Saturday).

But that's not what it's really supposed to be about, right? Isn't is supposed to be about getting together and spending time with the family?  That's what I'll try to focus on.  I know I won't be upset with anything my family gives me.  Unless it's, like, TB or something. Although I wouldn't be sad if I got that sweater I've had my eye on.**

What do you like best about Christmas gifts? Do you have some good ones you're happy to give out this year? What does your family ask for?

Giftingly yours,











*Totally a real thing. Google "Archie McPhee".

**And yes, it's a knockoff, because the real thing is Gucci and costs $2500.