On Thursday night, Davis Mittelhauser was named the Sedalia Police Department's Officer of the Year for 2021.

We talked with Ofc. Mittelhauser about the prestigious recognition:

“I'm super appreciative of, you know, being able to work where I work, and them allowing me to flourish. I get to steal from my co-workers, who are all amazing, smart, talented people. I'm just really appreciative of the PD putting this on, and it's just cool. I love coming to work,” Mittelhauser said.

Officer Mittelhauser began his career in law enforcement as a dispatcher in 2015.

“I had a buddy who was working there, and he suggested that I apply. This might be something you're good at. I thought that could be fun, a lot of variety, and decided to try and see if they'd let me take the next step and they were nice enough to do that,” he recalled.

Mittelhauser became a patrolman in 2018. When asked if he has family members in law enforcement, he said that his step-mother Maria was a deputy and a detective for Pettis County. Then she ran the juvenile office. His father is Judge Jeff Mittelhauser. Both were present for the awards dinner.

Mayor John Kehde, City Administrator Kelvin Shaw and most all of the Sedalia City Council also attended Thursday night's dinner.

Ofc. Mittelhauser said he plans to continue patrolling the streets of Sedalia for many years to come.

Dozens of SPD officers received compensation and ribbons at an awards dinner held Thursday evening at The Venue in downtown Sedalia. The awards were for calendar year 2021.

Citizen Recognition Letters were presented to Israel Baza (not present) and Tammie Vermillion.

Letters of Commendation went to Det. Travis St. Cyr, Sgt. Michael Elwood, Sgt. Joseph McCullough, Cpl. AJ Silvey, Cpl. Travis Lorenz, Det. Brett Twenter, Det. Kirra Pappert, Ofc. Kevin Tylar, Ofc. Briley Douglas, Ofc. Justin Franken, Ofc, David Mittelhauser, Ofc. Derrick DeSalme, Ofc. Keaton Schnell, Ofc. Antonio Karr, Ofc. Andrew Pemberton.

Search & Entry Ribbons went to Cpl. Andrew Silvey, Ofc. Eric Resch, Ofc. Brett Twenter and Ofc. John Hammond (1st overall), Cpl. John Fellows (2nd overall), Det. Mark Cherry (3rd overall), Cpl. Daniel Benner (4th overall), Cmdr. David Woolery and Cmdr. Josh Howell (5th overall), Sgt. Preston Hesselbacher, Chief Matt Wirt (6th overall), Det. Neva Overstreet (earned two ribbons and was 6th and 7th overall), Sgt. Joseph McCullough and Sgt. Kevin Klein (15th overall). Note: One ribbon represents 20 search warrants, a second ribbon represents 10 more.

Life Safe Ribbons went to Ofc. Arthur Desalme, Cpl. Daniel Benner, Nathaniel Slaughter (2 ribbons), Sgt. Michael Elwood, Cpl. Bradley Arnold, Ofc. Kylee Marshall and Cpl. Travis Lorenz.

Police Commendation Ribbons went to Nathaniel Slaughter, Kylee Marshall, Ofc. Davis Mittelhauser, Cpl. John Fellows, Cpl. Travis Lorenz, Ofc. Shania Fox, Ofc. Kyle Schmitt, Det. Travis St. Cyr, Sgt. Kevin Klein, Det. Mark Cherry, Det. Kirra Pappert and Det. John Hammond. All received one ribbon. Det. Brett Twenter, Det. Neva Overstreet, Det. Jill Reed, Ofc. Justin Franken, Det. Ty Barrett and Cpl. Andrew Silvey all received two ribbons.

The Chief's Award went to Sgt. Kevin Klein.

And the Officer of the Year Award went to Ofc. David Mittelhauser.

In the top photo: Sedalia Police Chief Matt Wirt congratulates Officer Davis Mittelhauser after being named the SPD's Officer of the Year for 2021. 

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