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Looking at last year's run up to Valentine's Day, a job website has determined that Missouri's favorite Valentine's candy is M&M's. This according to an analysis of Google Trends in the run up to Valentine's last year.

The #1 candy choice in Oklahoma and Illinois is rather cliche. Chocolate covered strawberries. How could someone ruin perfectly good fruit and chocolate by mixing them together? That's a violation of the fruit and cake rule.

The fruit and cake rule says fruit and cake should never (with few exceptions) be put together. Chocolate and fruit is an extension of that rule as far as I'm concerned.

At least in Kansas their top candy pick is romantic. Hershey Kisses. I mean can you go wrong with Kisses? I don't think so. Heart shaped chocolates is the way to a Texan's heart and sweet tooth. And you can't go wrong in the Pacific Northwest with chocolate roses.

Leave it to Iowa, Michigan and North Dakota to make Conversation Hearts their most popular Valentine's candy. I'm not sure what it says about the people of those states choosing Conversation Hearts over chocolate as their most popular candy but there is something nostalgic about it.

And leave it to California to go for the candy necklaces. I'm not sure what it says about Californians that that's the most popular Valentine's candy there. Maybe that they've been in the sun too long?

If you're interested here's a map courtesy of with all of the state's top candy choices for Valentine's Day.

M&M's aren't a bad choice really. Now if you just go buy a bag of them and toss them at your sweetie while wishing her a happy Valentine's Day. Expect them to be whipped back at your head. But packaging them with some other Valentine's Day goodies. Like a piece of jewelry or a pair of valentine's themed socks. You'll probably be OK.

And that box of assorted chocolates shaped in a heart has nothing on some of the Valentine's Day packaging and customization options M&M's offer on their website. You can truly customize M&M's to create a unique one of a kind gift that your sweetie won't want to eat.

Good job fellow Missourians. M&M's seem a like a solid choice for a Valentine treat. Especially if you make it part of a larger Valentine's gift or go all out and create something specifically for your partner.

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