Missouri gains 8,040 new jobs for people with disabilities as Gov. Mike Parson makes a new commitment to expand employment.

According to a story from RespectAbility, 111,804 people with disabilities got new jobs last year nationwide. That includes 8, 040 jobs in Missouri. In terms of the employment rate for people with disabilities, the the Show-Me state ranks number 31 in the nation.

Missouri has an employment rate of 37.1 percent. The newly published collection of information is according to the 2018 Annual Disability Statistics Compendium.

Missouri Governor Parson made a new commitment in recent weeks that ensures that the state's government becomes a model employer of people with disabilities.

In information from the Census Bureau, more than 56 million Americans are living with a disability. According to the information disabilities include visible conditions such as spinal cord injuries, visual impairments or hearing loss and invisible disabilities such as learning disabilities, mental health or Autism.


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