The Missouri Attorney General's office has released a report stating that are at least 4,889 untested rape kits across the state of Missouri.

In a preliminary report released from the office AG Josh Hawley, a survey was sent out to law enforcement agencies, crime labs and health department agencies to determine if the sexual assult kits had been submitted.

According to a report in the Kansas City Star, agencies across the state are inconsistent in how long they keep kits and how quickly they test them.

The report reveals that there are at least 4,889 rape kits in Missouri that have not been submitted for DNA testing. Of these untested kits, 3,701 kits currently are in the possession of law-enforcement, and 1,188 kits currently are in the possession of healthcare providers.

The reort also adds that per 100,000 residents in Missouri, there are approximately 80 untested kits.

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Zeljko Bozic

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