According to a new study, misery loves company even on social media.  Researchers at Ohio State found that when you're in a bad mood, you're more likely to check in on Facebook friends who are even MORE miserable.

In general, we're more likely to spend time checking out profiles of happy, successful Facebook friends.  But when we're feeling bad about ourselves, that just makes us feel worse.

So instead, we check in on our LOSER friends to give our self-esteem a boost.  If you care, here's how they did it . . .

The researchers had 168 volunteers take a meaningless test, just so they could lie to half of them and say they failed.  Which was supposed to put them in a bad mood.  Then they asked everyone to check out a social networking site they built with a bunch of fake profiles, that included a "hotness rating" and a meter that showed the person's career success.  And the people in a bad mood were MUCH more likely to click on profiles of "ugly" people with bad jobs.  In other words, they wanted to see how terrible someone else's life was to make themselves feel better.

GEEEEEZ, we're cold, aren't we? Remind me to never, you know, talk to anyone again, especially when they're in a bad mood.

Socially yours,