In the battle of the sexes, which gender is more vicious on the road?

A new survey of 1,000 people (500 men and 500 women) has found the women are more likely to give the finger to another driver while behind the wheel. They’re also more apt to curse in front of their children while driving.

Forty-four percent of women say they’ve used blue language while driving, compared to 30% of men. As for flipping the bird, 31% of women have done so, while only 27% of men say they have.

Here’s a look at some other interesting findings:

  • Honked at someone for driving too slowly
    Women: 39%
    Men: 43%
  • Sped up significantly to prevent someone from passing you
    Women: 25%
    Men: 28%
  • Tailgated someone on purpose because he or she was going too slowly
    Women: 21%
    Men: 16%
  • Driven to the front of a merge line, then swerved and cut in
    Women: 11%
    Men: 13%
  • Stolen a parking spot someone else was waiting for
    Women: 9%
    Men: 13%
  • Chased after a car that cut you off so you could glare at/flip off the other driver
    Women: 7%
    Men: 11%
  • Keyed someone’s car
    Women: 3%
    Men: 7%

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