Every day I put up a new survey for our Enquiring Minds question. I'm always trying to think of new topics to get your brain working, and we can interact a little bit together!There's no way I could go through and discuss every comment and answer that I get, but I can pick out a few here and there and we can mull it over.

On Monday, I asked you about a complete hypothetical situation. If a man became a woman for twenty four hours, what would his biggest shock be? I also asked you about the reverse situation, and ya'll were definitely up for a little fun.


Yeah, I think dudes would definitely be surprised at how much of a hassle they really are.

How much time she would get to sit, relax and watch tv. As a woman you don't get to enjoy those things as much.

I don't know if all dudes are more likely to sit and relax, but I know that I do more of the housework and chores around the house than boyfriendo. So if I were him, I guess I'd get to do that, too!

Have the ability to stand up and pee.

Oh, man. That would be SO convenient sometimes.

On Tuesday, I asked about the upcoming fall season. I have been looking around my house for ways to winterize it, and I thought I'd turn to you for suggestions. What do you do around your house to lower your heating costs?

I keep the temp down low in the winter and cuddle under a lap blanket. In the summer, I don't turn the lights on until it is almost dark.

I think that'll be the first thing I try. I definitely kept the bills down this summer, and if I can wear a sweater or two and fish out all the blankets, you KNOW that's happening.

On Wednesday, I asked you guys about your favorite electronic devices. I was thinking about my little entertainment center in the living room, and all it has in it. Sometimes when I open the door, the cable box is so hot that I worry it's going to hurt the Wii and the Xbox. That brought me to ask what you guys do to keep those gadgets in good condition.

iPhone. Make sure upgrades are done, don't drop it!

That's party why I won't get one of those fancy things! I am SURE I would drop it immediately and it would be unusable.

My Xbox 360, I make sure it works everyday.

Oh, so THAT'S what you call it. In that case, boyfriendo definitely makes sure his Xbox works every day. I guess he's also making sure all his video games work, too. Over and over.

Thursday brought a topic up in regard to your personal habits. I've tried to break some bad habits over the years - when I was a kid I gave up nail biting, and as an adult I've given up smoking. I asked what your hardest habit to break was, and how did you do it?

Quit Smoking. Tried several times and several methods. Only one that really works was to just down the smokes and when I really wanted one just kept telling myself NO YOU DON'T. It worked.

I went cold turkey, myself. I just decided I was done. Of course I had a couple of close calls that first few days, and I was really tempted several times, but so far so good.

soda pop-just stopped drinking it

When boyfriendo gave up the soda, it gave him headaches on account of the caffiene withdrawl. You can give it up, but sometimes it hurts!

Over-eating....I died

Woah. So, are you dead now, or did you die and then came back, or what? I don't think I've ever had survey filled out by ghost before.

Anyway, that's it for this week's Enquiring Minds. But, I'll have a bunch of brand new ones next week, so come back and take some more surveys. Make sure you go back and take any of the other surveys you may have missed and you'll get points to win prizes!
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