Because of my job, I have a ton of access to different surveys. Ya gotta see what people are thinking and talking about, right? Anyway, I saw this one and snickered a bit.  In a new survey, 43% of men admitted they're bad at cleaning.  And 30% admit they mess up chores on PURPOSE . . . so they won't be asked to help anymore.  Here are the ten chores guys are most likely to intentionally screw up.


1.  Cleaning the bathroom.

2.  Cleaning the toilet.

3.  Cleaning the shower.

4.  Washing dishes.

5.  Loading and unloading the dishwasher.

6.  Hanging clothes up to dry.

7.  Ironing.

8.  Making the bed.

9.  Doing laundry.

10.  Vacuuming.

I remember my Mom told me once when I saw the bathroom mirror had been cleaned badly that my Dad did it to let us know he knew it was dirty.


And here are the top ten tricks men use to get OUT of doing chores.  Some of them are things they might not do intentionally . . . they just suck at cleaning.


1.  Squirting toilet cleaner in the bowl, but not scrubbing it.

2.  Rinsing the tub instead of cleaning it.

3.  Leaving streak marks in the shower.

4.  Leaving streak marks on windows and mirrors.

5.  Spraying cleaner in the sink, but not actually scrubbing it.

6.  Dusting around things instead of moving them.

7.  Wiping crumbs onto the floor instead of into their hand or a trashcan.

8.  Crushing the trash down so it'll fit more, instead of just taking it out.

9.  Washing dishes and leaving pieces of food on them.

10.  Throwing a comforter on the bed, but not actually MAKING the bed.


By the way, all this apparently WORKS about a quarter of the time.  25% of guys said they're never asked to do chores, because they're so bad at them.  But 29% said they've been CALLED OUT for intentionally doing a bad job cleaning. 10% defended their terrible cleaning skills by saying they don't worry about doing a good job, because they know their wife or girlfriend will just do it over anyway. And men spend about an hour less on chores than women each week.  Guys spend 2 hours and 31 minutes, women spend 3 hours and 37 minutes.

Well, dudes, are you gonna fess up now?  Which chores do you do badly on purpose? Ladies, does your guy do this?  What is he doing to get out of it?

Choringly yours,

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