Do you put on your headphones and ROCK OUT while you work?  It might be affecting your performance. Cos I gotta say, I do that all the time in my office.  All the time.  I have music on my computer, and sometimes I just listen to playlists on YouTube.  I find it does help me concentrate on what I'm doing when I'm typing these things. You know, you have the office noises all around you, and if I can drown that out with some tuneage I go for it.

A new study out of England found women are better at concentrating on work while they listen to music than men.  Men especially struggled listening to rock music while they tried to get stuff done . . . but women were basically unaffected.

The researchers think it's possible that women have developed better multitasking skills . . . because of their responsibilities juggling their family, home, and work.  That's made them better at focusing in loud and crazy situations.

Do you listen to music when you're working?  IF NOT, you can always listen to us on our websites or with your Alexa device or our new app!

Shameless plugging aside, I'll move along now.

Musically yours,

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