So I saw a post on the internet mentioning matching appliances in the kitchen. I had to think if matching appliances in today's world is a little different from years ago. In case you're wondering, or if the wife told you this when you were appliance shopping, matching appliances won't actually make a difference on how hot the beef stew gets on the stove or how cold the refrigerator will get. (Ladies...Sorry to dispel that rumor!)

I'll go back to the 60's and 70's because that's basically my era of growing up. First off, we need to remember the ol' adage- "If Momma Ain't Happy, Then Nobody's Happy." In other words if momma felt the need to have matching appliances in the kitchen, it wasn't because of the difference in how they operated, it was actually about aesthetics.

The appliances we had when we grew up were basically one of two colors-white or green. Now of course you needed the green appliances to match the linoleum, and don't forget the orange shag carpet in the living room. (If you're old enough, you know what I'm talking about.)

If your momma and/or wife doesn't feel comfortable in the surroundings of their kitchen, it can make a big difference on how life will be outside that space. Plus from what I've been told by my wife, it does look better if the 'frig and the stove are not only the same brand but also the same color. (I think the washer and dryer fall into that category, too.)

I asked the question on the KIX 105.7 Facebook page- "Do kitchen appliances have to match?" I was really surprised that it was a resounding 100% yes!

Some of the listeners that responded to the question definitely had their minds made up with their answers because they were short-

Gene W. - "Sure"

Robin C.- P. - "Yes"

Shelly I. - "Yes, definitely"

Lacey G. - "Yes"

So it sounds like if your appliances don't match, i.e, in color and/or in brand, you better start looking for some new ones!

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