Ever want the experience of catching a rainbow trout but don't have the means or time to travel cross-country to trout fishing hot spots? Here's your chance to pull one in at Liberty Park.

On November 1, the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) in cooperation with the Sedalia Parks and Recreation Department stocked 1,300 rainbow trout at Sedalia’s Liberty Park Pond. The purpose of the event is to give anglers an opportunity to catch the pan-sized fish during the winter trout fishing program.

Since trout are not native to Missouri, they have been introduced to the cold, spring-fed, streams of southern Missouri. The winter trout program offers MDC a chance to partner with cities and counties to offer fishing in community lakes. In winter, when the water is cold enough and holds sufficient oxygen to support trout, selected lakes and ponds in urban areas are stocked to provide close-to-home trout fishing.

If you were hoping to catch one that you could talk about for years to come, a few lunkers have been included in with the pan-sized trout.

Anglers with a valid Missouri fishing permit can fish for the trout on a catch-and-release basis at Liberty Park Pond until Feb. 1. Starting Feb. 1, anglers with valid fishing permits and a trout permit may keep up to four trout. All Missouri residents over age 15 and under 65 must have a valid fishing permit, and all non-residents over age 15 must have a fishing permit.

Information about fishing at Liberty Park Pond is available by calling MDC’s Sedalia Office, 660-530-5500. For more information on trout fishing throughout Missouri, visit http://mdc.mo.gov.

Fly Fishing for trout.

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