So, folks, yes, I am on the TikTok.  Do I make videos? Not really. I tried it for a while but... it just wasn't for me.  I made like, five videos. And they're pretty much all K-Pop related so you wouldn't care.  But I do follow a lot of accounts about babies, babies that cook, cute animals, dangerous animals, ratchet hens, funny people, the alphabet mafia, and, yes, K-Pop stuff.

One hilarious guy I found one day is actually in the Kansas City area.  His name is Andrew, and the way he tells stories paints a picture like no other.  Recently, he has had some Entitled Neighbor problems, and while you wish it didn't happen to him, the story is... wow.  Just so funny and mindblowing.  Almost unbelievable.

The story starts here:

So his neighbor accused him of stealing rocks, refuses to show the evidence, and could have had a bunch of the rocks for free instead of taking them.  But wait, dear reader.  It escalates.

Why? Why would you spray paint rocks that clearly aren't yours to stop someone from...keeping their rocks? I guess he's right in that you can't engage in crazy.

Caught on tape!  Why won't this insane neighbor just leave the rocks alone? What is so precious about some rocks in a gravel path?!  Andrew said in the comments, "Now that I have more proof, I’ve filed a petition for an order for protection FOR MY ROCKS FDALSGDLSH."  Sorry for laughing.  And now, I present to you, an Update. This was just Monday. As Andrew says, Hold On To Your Butts.

A gun, wood in the windows, flat tires, camera footage, and an order of protection all over "Trash Missouri Limestone".  What an emotional journey we've been on. And for WHAT? I guess some people really are just that crazy.

Have you ever had a weird or crazy neighbor?  What's your story with it?

Neighborly yours,



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