I'm sure you know that in the last few weeks or so, another one of those gross sicknesses has been travelling around our area. 

Coughing, sneezing, runny noses.... we've got the whole thing here.  I've had it pretty bad myself recently, too.  I have had a lot of cough drops this week.

A Lot.

dog watching at you

And, of course, I've been taking the over the counter medicines. I've been drinking a lot of water. I've been applying the gross mentholated stuff to my chest. But, I know a lot of us over the years have our own little ways of dealing the The Ick. So I asked you guys for your home remedies on our social media. I've heard quite a few interesting answers, you guys. Let's get into it!

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Ann C
We had an older doctor in Tipton. He swore that eating food (think chopped onion on chili, or on a burger/ hot dog) with raw onion and/or garlic in it would help with colds and flu. He said the antioxidants would help fight infection and quicken recovery. I personally think it does kinda help, but that could just be mind over matter.

Whole and sliced onions on wooden cutting board

See, that's interesting. I've heard people say you should put onions in your socks or something, but... admittedly that sounds more legit.

Jackie D
I was told to feed a cold and starve the flu. Makes sense. My daughter always wanted saltine crackers, fruit & sprite. I just want cream of mushroom soup/saltines and NyQuil.

Admittedly, you lost me at the mushroom soup. But I do drink me some of that icky green stuff before bed when I've got a cold.

Lynn E
My late father in law swore Pickle Juice was the cure for everything.

Pickle juice in glass and a can of pickled cucumbers on wooden table background

Is it like how some people use Windex to clean everything? Cos I know somebody that does that. Like, they're fully aware that other stuff works, but they like to use Windex for everything. I guess you could do the same for pickle juice. Feeling sick? Pickle it! Feeling good? Pickle It!

Cyndi D
Hot Tottie

See, I thought for the longest time that this was a cocktail. I thought it was, like, a drink you would order at a bar. But it's just hot water, lemon, and honey. Heck, I didn't know, but I have those on the regular when I'm sick. NJ's Mom made me a mean one not too long ago, it was great.

So what are some of your home remedies for this grossness that's going around? What works, and what...just doesn't?

Sickly yours,

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