A good samaritan was swept underwater Friday while rescuing a complete stranger. The 26-year-old Kansas resident went into rushing waters in the Missouri river to save a woman.

According to a story from Yahoo.com:

A 26-year-old good Samaritan died Friday while rescuing a woman who was swept underneath the rushing waters of a Missouri river.

Jacob Farley, of Wichita, Kan., drowned near the Elk River Dam in Noel, Mo., as he tried to save a struggling woman, later identified as 21-year-old Madison Capps, whom he had never met before.

Both Farley and Capps were on float trips when the latter and other members of her group were all pulled towards the low-head dam, the Miami County Republic reports.

Capps told the outlet that while her friends were able to grab onto a log and pull themselves to shore, she was carried away with nothing but a small float to hold on to.

Farley noticed the young woman was in distress and jumped into the water to save her, and the two struggled against the churning water for about 30 minutes while emergency personnel attempted to reach them.

This article was initially published on AOL.com.

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