Johnson County EMA brought their drones out to assist the Johnson County Sheriff on a well being check Saturday afternoon. Reading between the lines it seems the drones were used because the sheriff needed the support because the area where they were doing the well being check included a river area and an area that was heavily wooded.

Both drones were deployed and according to the Johnson County EMA Facebbok page the drones helped first responders find "several key items for Law Enforcement; as well as maintain an overall situational awareness of the large scene."

When pressed by a citizen for more details on the situation Johnson County EMA was helping with, the agency declined to provide further details. The agency went on to explain their post further, "The primary purpose of this media release is to showcase the teamwork of multiple agencies coming together and the utilization of new technology in the County."

I think it's great that multiple agencies worked together to, I would assume, find some answers to whatever happened Saturday afternoon. I also find it exciting that the drones helped and were used in exactly the way the Johnson County Sheriff wanted to use them.

I get that there are times law enforcement withholds details of cases for the specific purpose of helping them solve a case. Or there are times details are withheld to protect someone's privacy.  It is a little bit of tease though to post about the drones being used and not give more specifics about the case they were used in.

Perhaps it would have been better for Johnson County EMA to disclose the successful use of their drones when they could talk more about the case they were used in. Unfortunately, there are some citizens who will read into a lack of disclosure as law enforcement engaging in some type of "spying" or other innapropriate activity that doesn't have it's citizens best interest at heart. Being able to talk about the entire case could avoid some of that.

Hopefully, someday, we'll get to hear the rest of the story.




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