One Jefferson City BBQ joint has made Trip Advisor's Traveler's Choice Best of the Best Restaurants list under the category of Everday Eats.

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I'm talking about Jefferson City's Sweet Smoke BBQ's Westside location on Country Club Drive. Sweet Smoke BBQ offers a variety of meat sandwiches, meat plates, specialty sandwiches, tacos, nachos, and Sweet Smoke BBQ specials like Baby Back Ribs and their Half Chicken. The restaurant also offers a full line of side dishes including something called stoner tots. That sounds like something I might like to try.

Sweet Smoke BBQ
Sweet Smoke BBQ

So what are Trip Advisor's users saying about Sweet Smoke BBQ? Here's a smattering of comments from reviews people left.

RM11356 had this to say about Sweet Smoke's turkey, "I tried the 2 meat platter opting for the pulled pork and turkey. The turkey was hands down the best-tasting, most moist turkey I have ever had! The jalapeno cheese grits and green bean sides were also delicious."

Curiosity2935323280 had this to say about a catering order she had placed. "Sweet BBQ could not have been better. The pork was delicious, the price reasonable, and the service was excellent."

While ryan20205 said, "Stoner tots were nice and crispy. The pit beans were phenomenal with a slight kick behind them. The brisket was very flavorful with a beautiful smoke ring. All around the look, the food, and the atmosphere were all fantastic and welcoming."

One of the amazing things that I noticed while reading through the reviews is how many reviewers mentioned employees by name. That just doesn't happen all that often, yet it did in the Trip Advisor reviews for Sweet Smoke BBQ.

Sweet Smoke BBQ
Sweet Smoke BBQ

219 out of 232 Trip Advisor reviews rated the BBQ joint as excellent, with only two reviews coming up as average, and three as poor. There were zero, I said zero reviews that listed the restaurant as terrible.

Two of the three poor reviews were from the fall of 2021, and one was from a regular diner from over the summer who had a complaint about the nachos. This reviewer even took time to say how in his experience the food is usually five stars. In each case with less than stellar reviews, the owner of Sweet Smoke BBQ acknowledged the feedback received and thanked people for their reviews.

I'm not a big BBQ guy, but based on the reviews alone, I want to go check out Sweet Smoke BBQ's Westside location just to find out how good it is myself. One of the reviews mentioned a sweet BBQ sauce, which, if I'm eating some kind of BBQ sandwich is the type of sauce I like the best.

You can check out Sweet Smoke BBQ's website and menu here. Sweet Smoke BBQ's Westside location is at 3530 Country Club Drive, Jefferson City. They are open 11:00 AM - 8:00 PM Monday-Thursday, 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM Friday and Saturday, and 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM on Sunday.

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