It's just a matter of time before it's everywhere. The fastest-growing burger chain in America is now in ten Missouri places, but that number is likely to climb quickly.

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I thought I knew the burger chain that was expanding fastest in America, but I was wrong. No, it's not In-N-Out Burger or Whataburger. Investopedia says that the burger chain that is growing by leaps and bounds had a sales growth last year of 27.6% and a unit expansion of 36%.

Mashed via YouTube
Mashed via YouTube

What Missouri cities have this new burger place and which one is it?

The fastest-growing burger chain in America is Shake Shack and its official website shows there are now 10 locations in Missouri including 5 in the Kansas City area and 5 in the St. Louis region.

It's only a matter of time before you're going to see Shake Shack in Columbia, Missouri and likely Springfield and Branson, too.

What's the appeal of Shake Shack and why will it likely expand in Missouri?

Investopedia says they have been successful hiring staff by offering a 4-day work week. They have reportedly also been successful putting locations in airports, too.

The burger wars are intense in Missouri with Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes bringing many Whataburger locations to the Kansas City area. I say the more the merrier. If you're bringing good burgers to the Missouri landscape, you are my friend.

Now, how long before we see a place like Shake Shack take a chance on a smaller Missouri town like the ones in the northeastern part of the state? Asking for a friend.

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