Forgive me for being surprised, but yes, a French restaurant chain based in Dallas, Texas is coming to Missouri. French food, from Texas? I mean I know you can get all kinds of food everywhere, even in Texas. Not to mention, we don't need Texans showing us their BBQ or even how they grill their cow.  But it's just odd, A French restaurant chain based in Dallas. Somewhere a Parisian is crying into their coffee over this, but should we?

I'm talking about French restaurant La Madeleine, which has ambitions to open eight locations in the Kansas City area. Mark Ramage, senior director of franchise development for the restaurant said the first one could open as early as 2025 in the Overland Park area according to an article from The Kansas City Star.

According to the Star, La Madeleine is close to reaching a franchise agreement with a Kansas City franchise group that has several other businesses in the metro.

So what can you expect from this French Restaurant?

I'd almost call it a French take on St. Louis-based Panera Bread. At least that's what the menu looks like to me.

The restaurant's varied menu includes seasonal selections, sandwiches, all-day breakfast, entrees, and French favorites, as well as soups and salads. As far as all-day breakfast offerings are concerned, most of the offerings include eggs and some type of croissant with meat. Additionally they offer Potato Galette, a French potato cake with Parmesan, green onion & spices baked to a golden brown along with omelets made to order, or two eggs any style.

They also offer a variety of sandwiches and entrees. As far as entrees go one can get a four-cheese baked pasta, a ham and Swiss crepe, or their signature Chicken La Madeleine, which is balsamic-marinated checked topped with creamy wild mushroom sauce served with two sides.

The restaurant also has a bakery offering everything from classic eclairs to caramel creme brulee. Not to mention a full line of croissants, a French baguette, sourdough loaf, and a ham and cheese Danish. They also offer, much like Panera's bagels, a choose-your-own croissant box.

If you want to learn more about the Dallas-based French restaurant coming to Missouri, you can check out their website here.

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