Something big is happening when it comes to beauty in Sedalia, we're getting Sephora, sort of.

If you're unfamiliar with Sephora they're a store that focuses on makeup, skincare, fragrance, and beauty products. My late wife Kathy went through a period where she was all about makeup and nail polish, so I got familiar with the store and popped in a few times to get her gift cards. I may have also bought some cologne there for myself once or twice.

We're not getting a stand-alone Sephora, we're getting a Sephora inside the Sedalia Kohl's store. This is according to a post from Londyn MacDonald on the Best of Sedalia Facebook page. In her post, she says construction is just around the corner and the store is just starting the hiring process.

Someone commenting on the post asked about Sephora inside JC Penny, which the Retail Touchpoints website says came to a contentious end in 2020 when the Sephora at Kohl's collaboration was announced. Penny's, by the way, rolled out their own JC Penny Beauty.

Retail Touchpoints says Sephora at Kohl's rolled out in 200 Kohl's stores in the fall of 2021 and on Kohl's website. Retail Touchpoints says that Sephora has 500 of its stores in the Americas, and Kohl's has more than 1,150 locations in 49 states, yet the two stores have limited overlap.

Retail Touchpoints says, " The combined offering aims to draw new and younger customers to Kohl’s and will bring the Sephora experience to millions of new shoppers plus existing members of the Sephora beauty community who may not live close to a Sephora location."

While the Kohl's Sephora partnership has been going on for a while, I'd expect more partnerships like this to flourish in the coming years as retailers from department stores to grocery and drug stores want a piece of the health and beauty segment which generates more than $100 billion in revenue worldwide according to Supermarket News. They cited that as one of the reasons Claire's, the mall retailer focused on teen and tween jewelry created a partnership with Walgreens. You can read more about that here.

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