I know that people see objects in nature that look like something else and most of the time it's wacky. In this case, I think it's absolutely accurate to say that a rock along a wild Missouri biking trail really does look like a whale. It seriously does.

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The trail I'm referring to is called Bluff View Trail located in Glencoe, Missouri. That's not that far from St. Louis. If you're not familiar with Bluff View Trail, you probably don't mountain bike because the riders know you can grab some sweet air along this trail. Watch the evidence for yourself.

So what about the whale rock?

Jessica Huff shared some pics from her adventures at Bluff View Trail on the website All Trails. One of them is a pic of a rock that looks exactly like a whale. I'm not the only one who thinks so. Only In Your State did a recent article about it, too.

It's a great part of Missouri to hike through, too. The views over the river there are spectacular and peaceful.

Bluff View Trail would be an easy weekend hike as All Trails shows it's barely over 5 miles in length. It's also open year-round and only takes a couple hours to complete if you're determined. Just be prepared to take lots of pictures with yourself and the rock that looks like a whale. It's impossible not to.

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