It's the Friday before the big change. No, I'm not talking about those hot flashes, ladies. It's Daylight Savings Times. We fear this change more than a stinky diaper on a 6 month old baby after a jar of strained spinach.

Will you find a clock in your house that didn't automatically reset itself Sunday morning? Our cell phones and other electronic devices pretty much take care of it through technology. But what about the microwave, your vehicle or your wrist watch. (If you still have one)

The U.S. implemented Daylight Saving Time on March 19, 1918, with the official reason that setting clocks an hour ahead would save fuel and money. Well, so much for that one. According to a study electricity costs increased 4%. Hmmm.

Do the pros really outweigh the cons?  You decide-

  1. There are more car crashes on the Monday following the DST change, and heart attacks are 25% more likely. A higher risk of strokes and higher blood pressure can be attributed to DST.
  2. According to the Huffington Post our bodies don't adjust well to time change. It has something to do with circadian rhythms. Being tired makes you less productive.

All in all, most of us wish we were as a whole like the states and areas that do not follow Daylight Saving Time. Just take an hour nap this afternoon. Maybe that will help you to adjust.

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