Yes, we've all thought about doing it.  But I did it. Partly because I like cookies, partly because I like the smell of cookies, and partly because I wanted to actually get some USE out of this hot spell.

And hey, who wouldn't want their car to smell like freshly baked cookies? I'm okay with that.  I put them in after my lunch break yesterday, about 11:00 a.m.  I didn't do anything fancy, I just bought one of those tubes of cookie dough.  I checked on 'em a couple of times, and by quittin time, dagnabit, they were juuuust under done.

The beginning.
About an hour in...
Two hours in, starting to firm up. The car smells amazing.
Hour three. Little firmer, but still not done.

So they took a little longer than I thought.  I put them back in my windshield when I got home, and they finished up later in the afternoon.  Just like an Easy Bake oven. Success!

Forgot to use cooking spray on the pan, though.

Should we try to bake something else in the car?  Croissants? Biscuits? Have you ever tried to cook something in your car or on the sidewalk? When I was a kid, my mom would make sun tea on the porch.  I seem to remember a few years ago somebody here cooked eggs on the pavement.

What do you think? Would you try this? Would you like a cookie? They're in the break room.... unless the boys have already eaten them all.

Bakingly yours,