Ever had a 600 lb. gorilla sitting on your chest? That's what I experienced Tuesday night.

Dyspepsia aka heartburn, indigestion. That was the diagnosis. I thought for sure I was having a heart attack. 

After what I thought was an upset stomach, then my middle and upper back starting to tighten with the onset of pain, I felt like it would be a good idea to head to the emergency room at Bothwell Regional Medical Center.

The pain then started magnifying in my chest and at some point that 600 lb. gorilla entered the room and sat directly on my chest. 

I've had one heart attack. It happened in 2005 when I was in Texas on business. After being taken by the EMS to the local hospital in Humble, I was life-flighted to a larger Medical Center in Houston where I was to have two stints placed in two blocked arteries.

The pain was different then but I've always heard that the signs of an impending heart attack for some could be the back pain so I felt the trip to the ER was justified.

I was later transferred to Harry S. Truman VA Medical Center in Columbia for other tests and monitoring. After about four hours the doctors diagnosis was the Dyspepsia.

Never had anything hurt that bad. No relief. All I can say is I'm glad it's in the past.

Thanks to the great staff at BRHC and the Harry S. Truman VA Medical Center for the excellent care.

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