Wednesday morning I asked the following question on Facebook: What's one thing that's incredibly popular that you have no interest in? My first thought when I started reading your responses was man we're a cranky bunch. Then I started seeing answers I agreed with.

Television and Movies

I've never been a big "Star Wars" fan. The first time I saw the "Star Wars" movies as a kid was in school. They showed them as a reward for good conduct. I was bored. I've actually enjoyed watching them since. But I just can't get all caught up in all the Star Wars hype. Autry mentioned Harry Potter which people have seemed to be obsessed with, for what, the past decade?

Dustin is with me, specifically mentioning "Star Wars" and "Game of Thrones".

Speaking of TV, Laurel can't get into "Yellowstone". Karen isn't a fan of "99% of reality TV." And Yvonne agrees with Laurel. Then of course there are the folks that just broadly pan all movies and television these days. I get it, it takes a lot to get me to the theater these days. And my wife, Kathy, and I watch way less TV than we used to.


Lacy, Tosha, and Betsy were some of the first to answer the question and they indicated politics. There's always someone on the tube or on the radio blabbing about politics. Someone's snarky bumper sticker insulting your politics in a parking lot. Or someone arguing politics with you on Facebook. It's hard to get away from it.

Even our politicians spend more time trying to beat the other side and score cheap political points through fear-mongering and posturing than actually taking care of the business we elected them to take care of. And many of us just eat all this crap up.

Whatever happened to keeping your politics to yourself? There's a reason voting is a private activity.


I never thought I'd see coffee make this list. But I get it. Coffee's been a hot trendy thing since Starbucks put a store in every town and re-imagined what you call small, medium, and large. And oh yeah, started charging us double what coffee should really cost.

Yaknow what my favorite kind of coffee is? The kind you get in hotel banquet rooms. It's strong. It's hot. And it has a really great flavor. It's the kind of coffee that will wake you up before that first corporate seminar at 8:00 AM, or pairs well at the end of the banquet with that small slice of cheesecake you get for dessert. I bet it's cheap too.

Social Media Challenges and Social Media Itself

Pamela mentioned the latest social media craze. The milk crate pyramid. This stupid human trick, or social media challenge, has its participants create a pyramid and then try to walk up one side of it, and down the other without toppling the pyramid and breaking their neck. Really? I'm more interested where people are finding real, honest to goodness, milk crates. I need three or four to hold my record collection.

And what were the trends before that? Eating Tide Pods? Smoking Smarties? I've rolled my eyes at so many of these stupid challenges I could be the old guy shaking my fist and telling you to get off my lawn.

This brings me to Social Media sites. Faith said Twitter. And Carol said TikTok. My wife loves TikTok. Totally into it. I just don't get it.

I'm somewhat on the fence myself about social media. I enjoy hearing about my friends, my friends' families, and discussing things like music, and looking at train pictures. But I could do without the political talk, and I've never figured out how someone can manage to share their life on multiple social media sites. It just seems exhausting.

Odds and Ends

Some folks had some interesting takes on the question. Trent and April don't get the hype about the Insta Pot. Brittany has had enough of the Pumpkin Spice craze. Janelle mentioned wokeness. And Terri said biscuits and gravy. That didn't go over well with some.

What I take from this is, there's something trendy out there that most everyone loves, that you won't. And ya know what? That's Ok.

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