Earlier this week we discussed how Dierks Bentley had covered Adele.  Now it looks like David Nail is in the act, too!

David Nail is the latest male country star to cover a hit from Adele. His new version of Adele's #1 pop hit  "Someone Like You" has hit the Web along with a stark black and white video. Dierks Bentley included an acoustic cover of  Adele's "Set Fire to the Rain" in his Unplugged concert currently available on CMT.com. Luke Bryan has also been known to sing snippets of "Someone Like You" during his concerts.

Here's Dierks' version:


What do you think? I personally liked it. But then again, I like stuff like that. I like when an artist plays a song from another genre just because they like it. It doesn't matter to me what kind of style the song is, or who originally did it.

If you look at songs like She's Country, you see something which I always felt was a rock song done by a country singer. Or Mr Know It All.... which is a pop song by a pop singer redone for country. So it's not like this is unheard of in our genre.

If it's done with some kind of artistic spark, who cares if it's disco or rock or bluegrass? Another great example of this is Dolly Parton's version of Stairway to Heaven.


You know and I know I capital L Love Dolly. Full disclosure, I did go to Dollywood, and yes, I did make my friend dress up stupidly while we were there.


It was awesome. Anyway, back to topic.

I know you guys probably think I'd give her a wide berth on anything, but that is truly a great version of that song. She brings out a gospel tinge to it that makes the "heaven" part more real. And, I could never really distinguish was Robert Plant was singing at the end, anyway.


And would it have killed him to button his shirt? I know it was the 70's, but come on, son.

Now I know some of you are going to immediately think, "But what about all those pop/rock singers that come to country?" And with that, I agree it's hit or miss. For every Darius Rucker, there are about seven Jessica Simpsons. It can't be done in country music if you don't believe it. There's a big BS detector in country music fans, and they'll only accept so much from a singer.  Although I gotta admit, I cannot accept Keith Urban's Ladyhair. One of these days, that's gotta stop, Keefers.


Anyway. What do you think? Is there a pop song you'd like to see get a country makeover? Do you think some country songs could be remade as rock or pop songs?

Sonically yours,

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