Apparently this is a thing, and now I'm sparkly.

It's not glitter so to speak, so you can't really, you know, pick it off.  It's just something that's in the lotion.

Here's the lotion in question:


It's a slightly fancy perfumed lotion that I got for Christmas.


I don't know if you can really see it that well in my terrible picture of my ugly hand, but it totally is sparkly.  Like all over my hand. My hand looks like it's a cartoon character or something.  Why did this company decide we needed to be sparkly?  Is it because it's made in France?

I mean, I can't say I hate it. Kinda feels fancy.  But can't really say I get it either. I doubt anybody will notice it.  Maybe that's the point, to make you feel all sparkly and whatnot for yourself. I don't know.  But I keep looking at my hands now, so that's a distraction.

I was always distracted by shiny things.  Typical.  And now it's even in my hand lotion.

Does anybody else have something like this? Is this a big trend that I just don't know about? Is this a big deal at all?

Sparklingly yours,

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