Guys, I asked you the other day about impulse item buys.

You know, when you're at the store and you see that.... thing, and you know you have a few of them already, and you don't really NEED another one, but this one is a little different from the ones you already have and you deserve some variety, dangit, you work hard! So you get it. And then probably someone in your life rolls their eyes at you. "Not another one! Come on, you have, like, twelve already!"

For some of you, it was stuff like fingernail polish, lip balm or gum, Crocs, Lear Jets (yes, real FB answer, ha!), Butterfingers,  or even...ammunition?  I'm not judging. For me lately, it's been candles. I see all the displays at the stores and I have to stop for a least a sniff or two. A good 75% of the time.... a new one is going in my cart. It's a problem, you guys. A good smelling problem, but a problem all the same.


It's like they're calling out to me, begging me to take them home.  Every dang time. That's the current stock - and I have three others burning at the moment.  One in the foyer, one in the living room, one in the computer room.

I don't know what it is about me lately, but I want my house to smell like a rose garden in the mystic forest. Or something.  Probably something more homey than magical like.  Something that smells like you live in the country surrounded by woodland and you opened the window and it's getting to be chilly but the flowers haven't died yet and your Amazon package is tracking to show up today even though it wasn't supposed to come til Wednesday.  You know, nice,  pleasant,  giving you a good feeling.  And looking at some of the names of these candles.... I'm not that far off.

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Tuberose and White Wood (I had to look up what Tuberose is. It's a white flower. I don't know if white wood smells differently from brown wood. Maybe it does?). Balsam and Cedar, Cider and Oak, Evergreen Spruce, Amber and Winter Fir, Alpine Forest, Rose and Cedar. Sure, you can just... describe trees to me. I mean, after all, I am going for the forest. A couple of them get a little more pretentious, though. Names like Hit the Trail and Alpine Ski Trip. No seriously, you gotta read this description for the last one.

A perfect way to escape to your favorite place, the pleasant aroma will help you relax after a long day. Made from soy wax blend, it's infused with essential oils to keep your space smelling delightful. Perfect to use when you need a well-deserved break, this lidded glass jar candle by Opalhouse™ is a must-have!

Create spaces as bold as your spirit.

OH MY LANTA. Now that, my friend, is RIDONK. I don't think any of my spaces are bold (unless you count NCT 127 photos on my mirror as bold...which would be fair, especially if we're talking about Johnny at the Met Gala). My spirit is negotiable. But I bought the dang thing anyway. Maybe I am turning into a person who needs to escape to my favorite place. My boyfriend says I'm Fancy because I use parsley when I cook and I don't have coffee stains in my car seats. And now with candles like these, this apparently makes me The Most Fancy.

Anyway, the point is that I think the time has come for a Fancy Intervention.  Well, I'm not gonna call my friends, family, co-workers and boyfriend together to tell me stop buying candles, but you know what I mean.  I'm going to have to rein it in a bit here, or I'm going to fall off of a Pretentious Precipice in the name of Fanciness.

What's that impulse item that you already have a ton of, but you always wanna get just one more?   And what do you want your house to smell like - rose garden in the forest or something less ridiculous?

Impulsily yours,

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