These things have gotten huge. Honestly, some of the bushes are taller than I am.  I guess that means.... we better get some blackberry recipes together?


My poor little fence.  We planted these bushes...a few years ago, I don't remember exactly when.  We thought, oh, sure, they'll grow on the fence and kind of vine that way.  Oh they did, alright.  Now they're taking over!  It's like the Little Shop of Blackberries in my backyard!

And how much do you want me to bet that after I pick the first round of blackberries and Husbando makes a pie or something, he's gonna get sick of 'em.  You know he will.  It was HIS IDEA to plant these things, and now we're gonna be overrun with berries.  I guess I should be grateful.  I'll be sippin on blackberry lemonade all summer.  Maybe I can give them to people as gifts or something. Then all of Sedalia will have blackberry fever!

What have you got growing this year?  Is your garden ready?

Blackberrily yours,


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