I was driving around Sedalia the other day, and an all too familiar smell came across my nose.  Dead skunk.  It is a scent that we all know too well.  Another innocent skunk had become road kill.  As an animal lover, it was sad to see.  You may be seeing more and more of them around, despite the temperature changes.  Why, you may ask?

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It is breeding season for these critters.  February and March are the months, so you may be seeing them more often.  They do not hibernate but they do sleep for days on end in the winter months.  So if you do see one, please be careful and let them be.  Food is scare for them right now.  They may just be looking for a mate, or food, or going back to their own territory.

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Contrary to popular belief, these animals are very docile.  They are good to have around. They will eat your mice, rats, grubs, moles and snakes just to name a few pests that you spend a lot of money on trying to get rid of. If you are walking your dog and see one, a skunk will not run up to you or your dog and spray.  If you leave them alone, they will leave you alone.  But if your dog chases one, expect them to be sprayed and you will need to bathe them in tomato juice.

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Once breeding season is over they will go unseen again. Please watch for them on the roads.  Let's give them a break and understand that it's mating season and they are desperately trying to find food. By the way, if a skunk is ever "de-scented" they can make nice house pets and can be trained to use a little box like a cat.  Seriously.  I am not advocating to get one as a pet, but there is no need to be afraid of them.  If you see one, just try not to startle them, and you will be in good shape.  My name is Tim Thomas and I am here to help!

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