Husbando made some kind of taco croissant thingy for dinner last night, that's where this starts. He asked me to get out some hot sauce to go along with our little taco bowly thingies.  Then, I noticed it.  Which hot sauce should I choose? Wait, how many hot sauces do I HAVE? Turns out, it's a lot. 


And that's not even all of them.  There are more. I have like, a whole tin box full of tons of Taco Bell hot sauce. And after I got all these out of the fridge, I saw that I have like, six more different kinds in my pantry. And I actually have another bottle of the generic Frank's and another Tabasco backup. You know, for hot sauce related emergencies. So that means I have Japanese, Mexican, Thai, Indian, Korean, all kinds of hot sauce in my kitchen as we speak. I know I like spicy food but DANG.  What's my deal with hot sauce?

Do you have something like this in your kitchen/pantry?  Is there a condiment you have a lot of varieties of, like mustard or barbecue sauce? Is there a type that you just Have to have?

Saucily yours,