We have a storm coming through.  At the time I am writing this blog, we are at 64 degrees.  According to the forecast tomorrow night, we could be down to a low of 4 degrees.  4!  That is a 60 degree chance in the span of a day and a half.  This rapid change in temperature can have affects on our health.

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It can affect our bodies in many ways.  I have had surgery on both of my knees, as well as having my left foot and ankle operated on.  Such a drastic drop in temperature affects my joints and I tend to limp a little bit.  If the temperature had a more gradual drop, not as bad. Joint pain is just one of the ways this weather can affect us.

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Anyone have blood pressure issues?  You may notice a change.  Low temps cause your blood vessels to narrow, meaning on the whole, blood pressure is lower in the summer.

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How about asthma or allergies?  Changing seasons and hot weather can exacerbate asthma and allergy symptoms, with the growing season and air pollution paying a serious role. The fix? Be prepared with your allergy meds before spring weather arrives.

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Headaches can be a concern too.  Barometric pressure can be a headache for some, though the reason is unclear. It might affect the pressure in the brain or the way the brain blocks pain, or it might be evolutionary, as it keeps humans in tune with their environment.

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A cold or the flu:   Many people swear they contract the common cold when the weather changes. It’s not entirely clear why, experts believe it’s because rapid temperature swings weaken your immune system. The cold virus also transmits better in cold air.

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Don't be surprised if your sinuses are affected, too.  Hope you have a fair amount of tissues around.

This storm will pass and then Spring won't be that far away.  Stay safe out there and now you can prepare yourself a bit more for this large swings in temperature and weather.

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