I went crappie fishing with my cousin from Clinton on Wednesday. Our efforts for the trip didn't turn out like we were hoping but it was still great getting out on Truman Lake. If we did catch our limit, what would it be?

I was wondering what was going to happen if we caught our limit of crappie on the fishing trip but I wasn't really sure what that would be. After checking online with the Missouri Department of Conservation, I found that we could keep 15 fish while the length limits are a minimum of 9 inches.

According to an article from the Department of Conservation on the Kansas City Star website, someday that minimum length of 9 inches could someday be reset at 10 inches.

For right now it's nine, so go enjoy the outdoors and catch your limit.

Oh by the way, we each caught one crappie apiece (one keeper) and two bluegill.

Two Men Fishing in Motorboat


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