If you have been lucky enough to have grown up watching a movie at a drive-in as a kid, you know how much fun it can be on a Saturday night.

I guess I should go back and say if you've gone to a drive-in movie as a teenager and at least seen the opening credits of a movie, you know how much how much fun (or trouble) you could get in to on a Saturday night.

I've seen a few other towns across not only Missouri but also other states that are bringing back the drive-in movie theater.

The latest information I've read comes from a post on Facebook from El Dorado Springs, Missouri and their newspaper, The El Dorado Springs Sun - Newspaper. They're getting their old movie theater screen white-washed and ready to show the Kansas Chiefs/New England Patriots game on September 7.

If you had a drive-in movie theater re-open in Sedalia, would you go?


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