My girlfriend Jami is coming down from Michigan to visit me for a week. To say that I'm incredibly excited about this would be an understatement. She'll be here from Oct. 16-23, but I want to get a jump on planning stuff ahead of time.

I already have a few things planned. We'll be going to the Kansas City Chiefs game against the Houston Texans that Sunday. We also plan on going to the Kansas City Zoo and having a bar night at Dukes and Boots. But I need some more ideas!

I need to plan like a romantic date night that will make her really fall in love with the area, and more importantly, help me get lucky. She's supposed to move down here after the New Year, but I really want to impress her with some cool stuff here in Missouri so that she actually is excited about it.

So I need your help! What's a good romantic date night in the West Central Missouri area? I'm looking for somewhere to go for a nice dinner, and something interesting to do. Local to Sedalia is good, but I don't mind driving a little ways, and money isn't really a problem, I'm willing to splurge.

I'd really appreciate the advice! Let me know in our survey below.