Do you have a friend you met online that you've NEVER met in person?

Before you say, "Of course not!"....think about that random person you're somehow friends with on Facebook. The one whose status updates you're weirdly obsessed with.

According to a new survey, 76% of people say they DO have a good friend they met on the Internet who they've never met in person. That means three out of four people have a good Internet-only friend. And WOMEN are more likely to have a good friend they only know from the Internet. 83% of women say they've got one, versus 73% of men.

I know I definitely do.  I used to do a lot more social stuff online back in the day than I do now. But I've stayed in contact with them.  I have one friend in New Zealand, Donna (I sent her a big box of American candy once, and she invited me to watch her wedding online), that I've never met.  I have another friend, Geri, in Illinois that I've never met.  Then there's Robert, he's in England.  There's the horse girl in Northern California, my BTS friend in LA, the kick butt activist in Seattle, the librarian in Washington state... and more.  Probably if I went through my friends list, I would find probably at least a couple dozen people that I know, and I've chatted with on messenger services, that I've never met in person.  But, we know each other well enough! I mean, I remember their stories and what their jobs are like.  Sometimes, that's more than the people I DO know here in town.

Do you have any online friends that you know pretty well, but have never actually met them in person?  How did you meet them in Cyberspaaaace?

Friendily yours,

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