It doesn't seem possible but it's been four decades since I continued my radio career at KSIS AM-1050 and KSIS FM-92.1. Yes, that's right...KSIS FM-92.1. A few changes since that Labor Day weekend.

I had graduated high school that spring from Butler High School and was working in my new position as Sports Director at KMAM/KMOE in Butler. That summer I had the opportunity to go to the University of Missouri for press and picture day for the Tigers' football team.

As I traveled the two and a half hours to Columbia, I noticed this little radio station on the north side of Sedalia. I made a mental note to stop back by and visit it.

After getting my interviews with coaches and players, and having lunch with current St. Louis Cardinal broadcaster, John Rooney (then Sports Director at a station in Pittsburg, Ks) I headed back to Butler.

I did stop by the little station on North 65, just to see what their station was like. When I walked in, the secretary asked me if I was looking for a job. Well, I wasn't at the time but it peaked my interest. After getting back I put together a tape and resume (requirements for radio folks) and sent it to KSIS AM & FM.

At the time KSIS-FM had plans to switch its format from easy listening to AOR (Album Oriented Rock) and the call letters to KCBW. Well, that happened, I was hired and since that day I have worked not only at the facility on North 65 but also currently at the present location on South 65.

KCBW is no longer. You now know it as 92.3 BOB-FM/KSDL. KSIS is still going strong in our building, too.

I've worked at other stations throughout the years in both Missouri and Illinois, I've been back in radio in Sedalia since 2012 and it's good to back.

You just never know where life will take you!

Beau Matthews
Beau Matthews


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