Kids, you know and I know there is some crazy stuff at the fair for you to eat. You can eat everything from kettle korn to a deep fried pickle to pizza to corn dogs and just about anything in between.

Well, today I stopped by a little place on the row called Earl B's.  It was.... Deliciouso.  He fixed me up with all sorts of crazy good stuff, from a bacon Popsicle to a fish taco to a sammitch and yet another dessert; deep fried cookies.

It was so good, I can't even tell you. I couldn't even eat it all.  I've still got a bit of that cuban sammitch to snack on tonight.  I gotta say, if you want a tasty hunka fair food and a nice conversation while you're at it, stop on by.

And make sure to have that chocolate covered bacon.  It's pretty great.

Foodily yours,


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