Carnival Warehouse, a website devoted to to news for those in the carnival, fair, and events business sat down with the new Director of the Missouri State Fair, Jason Moore. Here's what he had to say about his new job and the Missouri State Fair.

If you're not familiar with Mr. Moore, he's a long-time fair employee who joined the Missouri State Fair as a carpenter, and within two years was appointed the Fair's Facilities Manager, a job he held for 15 years. This is according to Carnival Warehouse.

In that role, he oversaw the State Fair's Capital Improvement Campaign as well as the operations of the facility. When asked if it was irony, coincidence, or design, that outgoing Fair Director Mark Wolfe also served as facilities manager before becoming Fair Director, Moore said it was coincidence.

However, in a follow-up, he points out why working as a facilities manager is a good job to have before running the whole show. "Facilities manager allows me to see the fair from all aspects.  My position as Facilities Manager is very hands-on throughout the year, and in preparation for/during the annual Fair in August.  I work closely with all departments, much like the Fair Director position."

The biggest challenges facing the fair industry according to Moore are a lack of staffing, rising costs, and a poor economy. Which he noted, aren't that different from the problems a lot of industries are dealing with.

One thing's been a big positive, the money the Missouri General Assembly has recently spent on the fair. That includes $500,000 to increase fair employee's salaries, 55 million dollars for a new enclosed, climatized arena, and the purchase of additional land to expand the Missouri State Fair campus, according to Carnival Warehouse.

Moore says the Missouri State Fair has never seen the type of generosity from the State Legislatures as it has seen recently. And that the funding the fair has received over the past few years is being used to preserve the grounds for the future and to help create a new fair experience for generations to come.

The accomplishment Moore is most proud of, however, is being able to help other team members and make their jobs easier. That's something he plans on continuing to do as Fair Director.

Moore will officially take over as Missouri State Fair Director when Mark Wolfe retires on December 31, 2023.

You can read the entire Q&A with Carnival Warehouse here.

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